For Milk Coolers
  • More water heated at high temperature for free (between 55 and 70°C).
  • High performance in all seasons, even with small amounts of milk.
  • High hot water production capacity. Example : more than 400 litres / hour for a 5000 litres tank 4 milking with a 7.5hp cooling unit.
  • Improved milk cooling tank efficiency and reduced power consumption.

►  All the heat is recoverable :

  • 1 litre of milk cooled from 35 to 3°C heats 1 litre of water 12 to 55°C.
  • Compatible with milking systems that have pre-coolers and milking robots.
  • The equipment of a single cooling unit is enough to cover all hot water needs
  • Heating the drinking water for calves and cows can be easily archived to improve utilization of the available heat.
  • Heating premises is possible on large dairy farms.