For Milk Coolers

The Ecolacteo heat recovery system is recognised as the most efficient of the market by an independant laboratory:

The GIE Lait-Viande of the Brittany region in France has set up in 2010 the “EcoEnergieLait” program in order to reduce energy consumptions in the dairy farms.

A series of test on pre-coolers and now on heat recovery systems has been conducted by Pôle Cristal, independant laboratory, to compare performances between different systems available on the french market. Measures on farms will complement laboratory tests.


– Ecolacteo offers the best heating and electric consumption performances whatever the tests conditions.

– Ecolacteo generates more savings than other standard systems:

In 10 years, Ecolacteo generates nearly 4000€ extra savings on average * (from 2700 to 5600€ depending on tested models)

* On the medium conditions test basis: 1 milking of 500 litres of milk cooled for 300 litres of heated water by an ambient temperature of 20°C.

Savings are based on french electricity prices.

View the summary and analyse of test results (EN)

View the complete report (FR)